Saturday, 21 November 2015

Another angry post about comping.

I've posted before about how I get disillusioned about comping.  How it always seems to be the same people that win time and time again, and if your name is not on the approved list you will not win.  Now we have 'unboxing prizes' videos on YouTube alongside 'what I got through my letterbox' videos.  I could make a 'through my letterbox' video, but takeaway leaflets and bills are not that exciting.

The trigger for today's rant has been a twitter comp run by The National Lottery.

The lottery has now been running for 21 years - Happy Birthday!  And to celebrate this, as well as making 10 millionaires in the draw tonight, they are running a twitter competition to give away £1000 per hour for 10 hours.  There is a new tweet every hour which must be retweeted.  A winner is randomly selected from all retweets.  Or so they say.

A follower tweeted that they had entered every draw, as had I, and they had been made redundant a week ago and were worried about Christmas.  Really?  With five weeks to go to Christmas I would have assumed at least some provision would have been made by now, redundancy or no redundancy.  It's not like this is the first year we have had Christmas and it just kind of snuck up on you.

Well, lo and behold, they won that hour's draw and with a pretty much brand new twitter account too!

And yes, I know I have a separate comping twitter account but that was set up some time ago to avoid annoying my non-comping blog followers, and believe me, it has not been lucky!

And so I think it is time for another break, probably until the New Year.  I will still enter comps if I happen across them, but I will not be actively seeking them out.

So, to my fellow compers, good luck all and don't let the cheats get you down!

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