Sunday, 3 February 2013

A change of pace, something to do whilst I am waiting for CIMA

As I seem to have some spare hours in the day now I decided that I would try and get fit, try being the word.  I had previously lost 35lbs with WeightWatchers Online but put 14 of those back on when I changed jobs.  I have since tried Slimming World but that was unsuccessful.

So I realised that exercise (bleurghhhh) was the only was I was going to lose any weight and get fitter.  I downloaded a couch to 5k training programme to my phone but didn't keep up with it, due to sheer embarrassment at anyone seeing me trying to jog for 60 seconds and fail, badly, I would only go out at 5am.  Unsurprisingly I did not keep this up.  I also found it really boring which did not help.

I have now purchased Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred.  It's 20 minutes a session (not long enough to get bored) and can be done in the privacy of my own home, which  means no-one can see me flailing about.

There are three levels each containing three 6 minute circuits - 3 minutes strength, 2 minutes cardio and 1 minute abs - by the end of the second circuit my lungs were screaming during the cardio, the strength work I wasn't finding too bad and I struggled with the abs, I've always had a weak back and have never been able to do sit-ups and crunches properly but hopefully this will change.  I was sweating loads by the end of the 20 minutes and my windows were all steamed up so I obviously generated some heat.  This morning I didn't feel too bad, until I tried going up and downstairs, I must have worked my thigh muscles more than the others.

I am just about to do day 2, I am posting before as I may not be capable afterwards.  I am trying to add a ticker to the blog to chart my weightloss progress, I hope it works.


  1. Good luck with your weight loss.

    1. Thank you, DVD is currently gathering dust under the telly, but I will do it, I will!