Saturday, 3 January 2015

Returning unwanted items.

Unless an item is faulty, there is no legal requirement for a store to give you a refund or replacement.  If you have bought, or been gifted, the wrong size item or even just changed your mind you should not expect a refund or exchange.

Most stores will give a refund, or at least a credit note, but this is done to maintain goodwill with the customer.

Wrapping items in birthday or Christmas paper will not increase your chance of a refund, when I worked in a shop, there was a woman who came in at least twice a month with this ruse, she had so many birthdays each year.

Also if a store does have a policy of accepting returns, if the item has been reduced form the original purchase price and you do not have a receipt, you will only be given the reduced price back.  But remembver, this is more than the £zero they are obliged to give.

So if you are trying to return something, and you are refused, please do not take it out on the shop assistant, they are only following the rules.  

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  1. Great post - shops can be crazy in January and I think that people forget that they are dealing with sales people.

    Lizzie Dripping