Saturday, 28 February 2015

That was the week, that was.

I would like, if I may, to take you on a journey.

This week has been a long week for many reasons.  A lot of them are to do with work so obviously I can't talk about them, other than to say 'aaarrrrgghhhhh, pass the alcohol', but there have been other things too.

Early in the week I opened the boot of the car, for some reason it didn't go right up and I managed to smack my head off the boot catch.  After wobbling around the Tesco car park for a minute or two I checked that there was no blood and carried on to work.

The next morning, washing and brushing my hair was fun.  Not.

Thursday I had had my shower and was cleaning my teeth, as my bathroom is quite small, the sink overhangs the bath.  I heard a rustling noise and then the shower curtain, complete with rail fell down, the end of the rail hitting me on the back of the head.

Friday I thought I had escaped without injury, but when I got into my pyjamas I found a mystery bruise.  No idea where from.

This morning I went to do my big shop and was at Asda for 7.30am.  Apart from buying a seemingly inordinate amount of tinned goods the shopping went as planned.  On the way back I cut through a side road to avoid an incredibly busy and confusing roundabout, it saves so much time and horn blowing.  

I rounded a bend to find a Police car in the middle of the road and Police lining the pavements, every car was waved to a stop.  Apparently a foreign student has gone missing and they were questioning all motorists.


Vulnerable people go missing and I NEVER see any sign of a local investigation, but a young, healthy, foreign student goes missing, it could well be by choice if they do not want to go back home, and people are stopped and questioned.  I hope nothing has happened to them, but if I had info I would go to the Police, I wouldn't need to be stopped with frozen food in the boot.

It may just be another side to my black and white life, but my parents were not impressed when I told them having been victims of crime themselves twice in the past with very little support from the Police (once was a burglary, the other burning matter was pushed through the letterbox).

I am hoping next week will be better.


  1. What a crazy week - make sure you have a nice relaxing weekend spending time resting :)

    Lizzie Dripping

    1. Was a bit quieter, no more injuries at least. Only one more week to go and then I am using my final week's annual leave :)