Friday, 24 June 2016

#Brexit, I wasn't going to comment but I am pissed and annoyed.

Yes I voted to leave.  As did my parents and in all my years (45) we have never discussed politics until now, it has been seen as a very private thing.  It is a sign of how strong feelings about this issue are that I know how they voted.  I still have no idea how they would vote in a General Election, nor them me.

I am an accountant.  I am well educated.  Apart from time immediately after redundancy I have always worked.  I am a big fan of Europe, I have plans in place to move to Spain when I retire and they have not changed, this is where I disagree with my parents, they want to move to Germany.

None of us have a problem with any of the member countries, nor the EU as it was originally touted, when the UK opted to join in in 1969, with membership from 1st January 1970, the idea was to allow free trade within member states.  We willingly started paying VAT as it was an EU edict.

But since then, more and more rules have been added which only the UK seem to follow - 

Human Rights? Don't exist if you have been murdered, but if your murderer has a cat, then they can't be deported.  EU rules.  I blame Tony & Cherie Blair.

Australian and Canadian couples who have moved here, started businesses and  contributed to the local economy employed 1 less person than they said they would - deportation immediately.  EU Rules.

Illegally arrived here in the back of a lorry, had an arranged marriage which produced an heir? Welcome to the UK and all our benefits.  

I want to get back to the original edict of the EU and if that involves alienating people and starting from scratch, then so be it.  I have nothing to hide and probably nothing to lose..

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