Sunday, 21 May 2017

I treated myself to a Gousto Food Box.

I decided to try a Gousto Food Box, at the time there was £25 off my first order so it only cost me £15, the offers are changing all time so this may no longer be available.

If you sign up with this link - here - then I get £15 towards my next order!  But before all you lovely people rush off to sign up and give me free food, read my review to see if Gousto is for you.

Now, I can understand what Gousto are trying to do, get more people cooking fresh in their own homes but I feel that the target audience are the sort of people who have the big flashy kitchens with loads of space, loads of utensils and equipment, but no food.  People who survive on meals out and takeaways.

I ordered a box of four meals for two people, which in my case would make eight meals for one person.  I chose my meals and delivery date, paid, sat back and waited.

Nearer to my delivery date I received a text giving me an hour slot for my box to be delivered which was really handy and meant that I did not have to stay in all day - there is nowhere really safe that parcels can be left if I am not in.

The ingredients arrived in a large cardboard box with any chilled items wrapped in a plastic bag and insulated with natural sheep wool, this can be recycled in many ways, I will be using it as a mulch on one of my vegetable beds.  There were also a couple of ice blocks to keep the temperature down.

To create my four chosen meals I received:

I also received recipe cards and a wooden spoon.

The only ingredient that was not provided was vegetable oil, I assume that this is because it is expected that everyone keeps this in, however I do not.

According to Gousto, these four meals have stopped me from creating 2kg of food waste.  2kg??  I don't think I create that much food waste in a month, let alone a week.

I have, however, doubled my non-food waste as most things are in their own individual wrapper(s).

Once cooked the meals seem, to me at least, a bit scant until the pasta or rice is added bulking it out and adding carbs.  The Sunny Sweetcorn Noodles was essentially Noodle Soup and didn't fill me as a main meal, both nights I had this I ended up making myself some toast later in the evening.

I wasn't able to make the Katsu Curry completely as per the recipe as I simply did not have the counter space in my small kitchen requiring as it did two chopping surfaces (one for veg one for raw chicken), three plates to breadcrumb the chicken fillets, a pan for the pasta and two wide bottom frying pans for the sauce and the chicken.

I will try one more delivery to see if meals without pasta or rice are more substantial, but then I will be going back to doing my own thing.

Have you tried Gousto?  How did you get on?

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