Saturday, 17 June 2017

My mental make-up is different.

I've known for a long time that my mental make-up is probably different to the accepted norm, but it is only in the last few years I am really accepting it.

If something is happening in the world which does not directly affect me or mine, then frankly it passes me by.

If an advert comes on the telly for poorly children I can watch with no reaction, simply being annoyed that my programme has been interrupted.  If an advert comes on for animals, whether it be the RSPCA, PDSA or overseas aid, I cannot watch and have to change the channel.

The recent terrorist activities in Manchester and London have not appalled me, they have fascinated me, I am aware enough that I should be horrified, but I am not.

The terrible fire at Grenfell Tower, when I saw the news at about 1.30am in the morning, my first thought was 'Oh my God, I hope there were no animals in there' because that is where my thoughts go.  I haven't donated to the fund set up because it didn't occur to me, as far as I am concerned the Government need to sort it out.

But when the Manchester Dog's Home got set on fire I donated as much as I could.  Now I could justify that because it was a deliberate act but that wasn't it, it was because it was animals.

Does this make me less of a human, or just different?

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