Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Still no sign of an email or funding.

Well no sign today of the email asking if anyone else is interested in funding for further qualifications and no sign of confirmation for my request for funding either.  Maybe tomorrow.

I did have some good news though, in the course of my work, I *ahem* happened across my record.  The temporary promotion that I have held for the last 6 months has been made permanent, hurrah!  There may also be the possibility of a further promotion in the next few months, although that may well have to wait until I have passed a few more exams, assuming that I get the funding that is.

Weather-wise, it actually took me longer to get to work today, there had been an accident (no-one hurt, just a little shocked and dazed at suddenly finding themselves facing the opposite way on a dual carriageway), it was nowhere near where my bus goes, but the traffic was backed all the way up and blocking an island, once we were able to get onto the island everything was moving smoothly.

Not much more to say today, so will leave you all for now and make myself a mug of coffee with a splash of brandy.  Well it is very cold out.

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