Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Today I have a photo for you, it should have been more.

I wanted to call into the shops on the way home from work, I say on the way home, I actually have to go the opposite way but you know what I mean, and I had to cross the canal.  It was frozen.

I wanted to go to Dorothy Perkins as I had seen a cardigan online that I wanted a better look at. And I looked. And I bought.  Along with a coat.

The cardigan was £50 full price down to £26 in the sale (I love that word, sale) and the coat £70 down to £15!!  It is a gorgeous dark red colour, which makes a massive change from my usual black.  I have tried to take photos but they are all blurred, maybe I should check the sales for a new camera.  Anyway, I digress, after I used my NUS card I got both items for just under £31.  Bargain!

Anyway, I will try and get photos when I am wearing them to entertain you all.

Ciao for now.

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