Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Lose a stone by Christmas, Reset.

I have been trying to lose weight with a group of fellow bloggers, and failing miserably.  However, last week at work we started Pounds for Pounds, we pay £2 each week with all money going to the onsite hospice.  It started off with just a handful of people taking part, but there are now 14 of us so we have been split into two teams.  After the final weigh in the losing team has to take the winners out for lunch.  Also, the last week's fee will be £4, half to the hospice and the rest towards a gift card for the biggest loser.

So, with this in mind, and also my dismal attempts so far, I have reset my weight to that which I weighed in on on the scales at work which was 244lbs (aaarrghhhh), my goal is still a 14lbs loss.

It was our first weigh in today, 13 of the 14 people taking part were available and between us we lost 30lbs!

I lost 6lbs which really surprised me (good old Weightwatchers), I am expecting to put some of that back on this week, but hopefully not too much of it.

As we are raising money for charity, even I fail someone will benefit.

Goal: 14lbs
Lost this week: 6lbs
Total lost: 6lbs
Still to lose: 8lbs


  1. That's such a good cause, Good Luck with your weight loss!

    Sharon x

  2. That's fantastic, what a lovely idea. Well done on the 6 lbs and good luck for next week xx