Sunday, 3 November 2013

Sunday Night Mash Up

This weekend saw the final ACCA weekend of this sitting, I now just have weekday revision.

This was the smallest group of the sitting (my previous classes have been 40+ people and we have been squashed into tiny rooms) and we were in the biggest room in the building.  Admittedly due to the layout a lot of the space was wasted, but it was still a big space.

I was on the 5th floor of the hotel this weekend, the theme was orange, I have now stayed on every floor except the 1st which I think is mostly conference rooms anyway.  I am not sure why thread is to be associated with Birmingham, I would link it more with the weavers of Coventry.

The beanbag chair in the corner was very uncomfortable.

I am going to be at a loose end at the weekends now and will have to find something to occupy them.  I may even have to do some housework!

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