Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Exam Week June 2014

Today was the first of my three exams for this sitting.  I won't dwell on the actual exam too much except to say I will be re-sitting it at some point in the future.

It seems that a lot of people did not turn up to sit the exam, there were so many prepped (tiny) desks that remained empty.

It didn't cut down on the disturbances however.

Two people arrived 15 minutes after the exam had started and were allowed admittance disturbing everyone around them.

The candidate to the immediate left of me, muttered to himself for the entire 3 hours of the exam, on occasion loud enough for people 4 or 5 seats away to glare at him.  He also nodded his head, well almost his entire upper body, whenever he felt he was going in the right direction with his answer.

When he wasn't muttering or nodding, he was furiously jamming the end of his pen into his opposite palm, clicking it on and off, on and off in rapid succession.

As well as this, there was the usual constant procession of people to and from the toilet.  Most of the candidates were half my age, so if they can't go three hours without a trip to the toilet at their age, I think a trip to their GP is needed.

About two hours into the exam, I don't know what was going on outside, but it sounded like table tennis was being played with a cannonball and metal paddles.  This went on for the next hour.

As expected, at 1.05 mobile phones started vibrating.  Any phones taken into the exam room SHOULD be switched off, but most people seemed to put them on vibrate only.

Still, only another 2 to go....


  1. Oh my! What a lot of disturbances.....How annoying!
    Good luck with the two exams you have left :) x

    1. Thank you x

      It is ridiculous considering we are not allowed to leave the exam early because it is disruptive!