Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Soap & Glory Sit Tight 4D - A Review

I had heard a lot about this product and so when it was on offer in Boots I decided to give it a go.  I like to try new things when they are on offer, if I consider it worthwhile, then I will pay full price.

The tube comes in a nice shiny box, and it feels fairly weighty.  The cream is pale pinky-orange and has a pleasant smell to it.

It is recommended that you apply it twice a day, allowing time for the cream to soak in to your skin before getting dressed.

Within 24 hours I could actually see a difference in my inner thighs, the folds of flab were starting to smooth out.  I am now into my second week of using it and I can now see a difference in the cellulite on my outer thighs.  Whilst my thighs are still very obviously covered in cellulite, they are look a lot, lot smoother.

I do wish I had taken some before photos now, but the sceptic in me was convinced that it wasn't going to work!

The cream is applied with three metal balls on the end of the tube, these have the effect of massaging the cream into the skin.

  • It works!  I am never going to be cellulite free, but my legs do look so much better now.
  • It smells lovely.
  • It heats up.  A lot.  Which would be fab for winter mornings.  I guess this helps with the cream soaking into the cellulite.
  • I could have done with at least 1 more hand to make sure that I covered everywhere, a partner or willing friend could help here!
  • There is a lot of bruising from the metal balls.  I wasn't expecting this I have to say. However it was all on my left side, as I am right handed it may just be that I was pressing too hard with my left hand.
  • Because of the shape of the tube, it is impossible to get all the cream out via the balls, I had to cut the tube open to get the last bits out, and there was probably a good two days cream left.

The cons are minor and can be worked around.  When I have finally emptied this tube I will wash it and keep it so that I can use it to apply the last bits of the next tube.

I am glad that I finally got around to trying this, and I will definitely be buying it again, even at full price.

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