Thursday, 6 November 2014

Why can't we have a St George's Day parade?

I am either 6 months late with this post, or 6 months early depending on your point of view, but it has been in my mind recently.

Mostly because of this - Coventry have announced their plans to hold a Pride Parade next year.

Bear with me.

I have no problems with gay and transgender people celebrating their choices, however, can you imagine the outcry if we had a Heterosexual Pride day?

But that is not the issue here.

The issue is that Coventry City Council will allow the roads to be closed for parades for St Patrick's Day (as far I was aware, Coventry is in England and therefore has no connections with snakes being driven out of Ireland), for the annual Sikh Vaisakhi parade, and now for Gay Pride.

However we are not allowed to close the streets and have a parade in celebration of St George, our own Patron Saint.

Various reasons have been given for this - too much disruption, may offend people etc.

Are the Council offending people by trying not to offend people?

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