Friday, 24 April 2015

Yes, I'm fat. Yes, I wear a bikini.

Please don't think that this is a 'I'm fat and I'm proud to be fat' type post, I am fat but I am not proud to be fat, I just am, thanks to my love of home cooking and Cava.  In fact, this is written in response to all the #WeAreTheThey posts.

But, yes, when I go on holiday, I wear a bikini on the beach.  I have even been known to go topless on the odd occasion.

And why?  Because I work bloody hard all year, that's why.  I work full time and I study part time so when I go to Spain for my one week holiday abroad each year I make the most of it.

I don't flaunt my fat, I arrange my area (towel down, water, Kindle, iPod and sun cream out of the bag, umbrella up), sit down and then remove my tshirt and shorts.  If I get up to go to the loo or the bar, I put my tshirt and shorts back on.

If I am going to sit around the swimming pool because I fancy a swim (I don't swim in the sea, a fish once touched my leg and I leapt about 6 feet out of the water), I wear a swimsuit as I am quite a vigorous swimmer and only have to worry about one piece, not two.

I am currently trying to lose a few pounds, but that is because I have put weight on and can't get into my holiday clothes and for 1 week a year, I refuse to buy new stuff.

Don't be ashamed by the size you are, but there are ways to act without shoving it in people's faces.


  1. Good for you! You do right....Like you said you work for the holiday why shouldn't you enjoy it x

  2. I don't think Jamelia knew the backlash she'd get haha.

    Lizzie Dripping