Thursday, 2 April 2015

Art - a matter of personal taste.

In the wee small hours I do tend to watch some random things in the hope they will send me back to sleep.  At 2am this morning, I was watching several episodes of a series about auctions and I was amazed at the amounts of money people were willing to pay for things.

A lot of the items featured were paintings and they were selling for millions of pounds.  And I could not see why, other than the name of the artist.  Two of them looked like they had been painted by 5 year olds but turned out to be a Picasso and a Modigliani, I think one of these went for nearly £30million.

I do like looking at paintings, but I like to be able to tell what I am looking at.  I like John Constable paintings, which I know is old fashioned, but then so am I.

In one of the programmes, a vehicle auction was featured.  Now I knew what I was looking at.

But the sums being paid for a fully functioning, and even MOT'd, roadworthy vehicle were tiny compared to those paid for a few blobs of paint on a canvas.

One of the cars was an SS, the company which became Jaguar in the 1940s, and it was beautiful.  And, yes, it went for more money than I will ever see, but it was still just a fraction of the amounts the paintings reached.

This isn't the car, but it is just as beautiful.

If I ever win the lottery, I know where my money would be going.

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