Sunday, 29 March 2015

Why some things affect me and others don't.

I have already blogged about how I am unable to empathise with other people and struggle to understand their issues and events over the last couple of weeks have just emphasised this.

I went numb when I heard about the Germanwings flight crashing into the Alps, purely because of where it had taken off from.  Once I had checked that there was no-one I knew on it, end of problem.

Jeremy Clarkson has been sacked for giving his producer a split lip, and yes, I signed the petition to get him re-instated.  This is because I enjoy watching Top Gear, I like Jeremy Clarkson and so his sacking affects me as the show is no longer going to be the same and my enjoyment of it will be lessened.

I know that more people signed the Clarkson petition than signed one to end FGM, and I added to that imbalance, but FGM doesn't affect me therefore I have no interest.  And I know that people will probably be horrified at that admission, but that is how I am.

If it doesn't affect me and mine, then it might as well be happening on Mars.