Sunday, 22 March 2015

Random words and phrases that spill over from your childhood.

Like most children, I called birds Dicky Birds, this was shortened in our family to Dick-Dicks.  To this day we still say to the dog, 'don't leave your toys outside, the dick-dicks will have 'em', and she goes out to fetch them.

That's another thing, all our dogs have had names, but have always been referred to as 'The Dog'.

Oranges were 'nongs' and I still occasionally think this word in my head, the same with 'ooshes' which were shoes.

I can't hear the word 'phenomonen' without whispering 'do doo d-do do' under my breath and a video of The Muppets in my head.

(I know it's Mahna Mahna, but it is close enough in my head).

The word 'pastuerised' is always followed by 'cos past your eyes is best'.

'Flash' is always followed by 'a ah'.

'Vile' is always spat out in a Linda La Hughes way.

And Muriel is always pronounced as 'Mariel' and in an Australian accent.

Do you have any family words that you have to make sure you don't say in public?


  1. Spaghetti is psaghetti. Always has been, always will be. And Ribena is breen.

    Lizzie Dripping