Saturday, 14 March 2015

Have you ever had a free upgrade, or other goodies?

I have had an upgrade once, although to be honest, I am not sure if it was an upgrade.  

I had booked a weekend away at a caravan park and paid my deposit.  Unfortunately the booking system was not fully automated so I had to wait for a real person to check availability (even though there was availability according to the website at the time of booking).  A week later I was advised that the level of accommodation I had booked was now sold out so I had been downgraded to the next level down.  Thankfully they did reduce my balance payable, unlike another holiday company that I have recently had dealings with.

By the time the holiday came around, the site had scrapped most of the level of caravan they had downgraded me to so then had to upgrade me back to the original level, as they had purchased more of those.

And yes, I did get ridiculously excited.

Sorry, that was even more rambling than my usual posts!

I know I will never get a flight upgrade, as I don't travel on flights that even have anywhere to upgrade to, other than sitting with the pilot.

But just once, I would like to walk into a hotel room somewhere to find a bottle of wine on ice, compliments of the hotel.  I've even considered contacting the hotel I have booked in Spain and asking for a bottle to be in my room waiting for me.  Obviously I would have to pay for this, but if I did it now I might have forgotten about it by June.

A free drink in a restaurant if I've bought a meal.  And I don't mean free refills of pop or coffee.

A free sample box of chocolates in with my shopping.

Have you ever had a free upgrade?  What was it for?

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  1. I was upgraded when I went on a cruise from an interior room to a room with a window. That's it too - not much.

    Lizzie Dripping