Sunday, 15 March 2015

Are dreams trying to tell us something?

I don't mean in the Freudian snake means a penis type thing.

And I know that if you are going through a trying time at work or in your personal life, your brain is not just going to switch off when you go to sleep.  I understand that my dream about working at a till was because I had just done a 12 hour shift AT a till.

But recently, well over the last few years or so, I have been having dreams that, although they vary in theme, are always set around the same place - a building, or group of buildings - that I have never, ever seen, or at least do not recall seeing.

One set of dreams involved a white, single storey shopping complex.  It was set in a green surrounding which doesn't exist as I know the road that I 'drove' out on to.  The first time this property appeared in my dream, I was taking my original Fiat 500 to be repaired in the specialist garage there.  I don't own a Fiat 500, original or otherwise.

The building next appeared in a dream a few nights later.  This time I was shopping.  As I walked down the lane (no car this time), one of my bags broke.  A handy table was at the side of the road and I put all my shopping on there to try and sort it back into the remaining bags.  The Police came along and arrested me for shoplifting as I could not find my receipts.

A few nights later I was back, with Mum and Dad, for my day in court - apparently the garage/retail shop emporium had one of those too - but I never actually made it to court as I woke up.

Another property was at the seaside.  In one dream I was with a group of people, some I knew, some were the 'I know you in the dream but have no idea who you actually are, or even if you exist', type that always seem to pop up.  

We were walking away from the sea front and passed a big white house with a huge balcony.  A few nights later, the house was in my dream again, but this time I owned it and I was looking at the street I had previously walked down from inside it.

I have not dreamt of either of these places again.

Did the dreams mean something?  Were they trying to tell me anything?  Or, as is more likely, were the random firing of my synapses creating coherent images?

Will we ever know?

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  1. I don't think we can ever know - a lot of people say that dreams are the brain trying to solve a problem.

    Lizzie Dripping