Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Do you act offended because you are? Or because you think you should be?

I am child of the early 70s.  I grew up with tv shows such as Love Thy Neighbour, On The Buses, George & Mildred, Man About The House, Rising Damp, The Benny Hill Show and The Black & White Minstrel Show.  

I grew up with Page 3 and builders wolf-whistling women (not me, obviously) and none of it offended me.  

And it still doesn't.

Yet it seems that these days we should be offended by all of the above, and more, and yet not offended by things that would have been met with disgust back in the day.

Why is a bare breast acceptable when it has a baby attached to the nipple, and let's be honest, not everyone is as discrete as they could be when nursing, but not when it is printed in a newspaper?  This is a fairly recent change, previously breastfeeding has been seen as a private act.

Why is it acceptable these days, that when you leave the house, every other word you hear is an expletive?  Why is it acceptable that companies can advertise and sell expletive covered products?

Why is it acceptable that illegal drugs can be openly smoked in public with no risk of punishment?

Why is it acceptable for people, who have probably never been further west than Wolverhampton, to speak as though they have just stepped off the Windrush?

The Benny Hill Show, horror of horrors, a portly middle aged man chasing half naked young women about?  How many times did he catch them?  How many times did they lead him into falling down a ditch, or knocking himself out by running into a tree?

Love They Neighbour, the white man was always trying to show his black neighbour up, but he always came off worse, showing himself up instead.

I like Jeremy Clarkson, I think he is funny, I like Jim Davison for the same reason.  They don't offend me.

I am offended by the Government and high ranking officials apologising for things that happened decades or centuries ago.  That was how the world worked then, you cannot judge past events by today's moral, or perceived, standards.

I have probably offended some of you, dear readers, with my comments, and if I have I apologise, but please, don't be offended because you think you should be.


  1. We may have to agree to disagree on Jeremy Clarkson but otherwise I agree wholeheartedly.

    Lizzie Dripping

    1. I know a lot of people don't like Jeremy Clarkson, I only added that bit in because he was the news topic at the time of writing! I wouldn't probably thought about him otherwise.