Friday, 12 July 2013

10 Day You Challenge - 9 Loves

9 Loves

1.  I love my Mum and Dad, but have just realised that I do not have a photo of them together!  I must rectify this.

2.  Bess the Dog.  I have plenty of photos of Bess.

3.  Spain, particularly Calella

4.  Wayne's World.  I cannot stress how much I loved this film.  I knew the script.  Myself and two friends created our own soundtrack before the official one was released.  I went to fancy dress parties dressed as Wayne.  Wayne's World 2 was awful, apart from the YMCA scene.

5.  My bed.  I cannot spend enough time in my bed.

6.  Music.  Music gets me to and from work every day, not only does it keep me awake, it also drowns out ignorant bus users who seem to think we all want to hear the noises emanating from their mobile phones.

7.  My Kindle.  It took me ages to convince myself that I could justify the expense of a kindle, but now I would not be without it as I can carry so many books with me.

8.  CSI.  I know so many ways to get rid of a body.....

9.  My friends.  Where would we be without friends?  Even though most of them are not local, I do look forward to spending time with them all.

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