Sunday, 21 July 2013

Sunday Night Mash Up

Not a lot has happened this week, it has been too hot!

I am feeling a bit better after a week on my increased meds, still not in a rush to leave the house though, hopefully in time that will happen.

I received the bag, pen and keyring this week that I had won on the Wagamama app on facebook, I should have a noodle cookbook coming soon too.

Also this week, I received a PPI claim from from a Credit Card provider that I had a card with 6 years ago and had completely forgotten about, I certainly don't remember taking out PPI with it.  Luckily someone at work has already had the same letter and have already received their refund cheque so I had no concerns about it being genuine.  I am not expecting to get anything from it, but if I do it will be a nice, and welcome, bonus.

There has been a funny smell in the house for the last couple of days and I have not been able to work out what it is.  It seems to have gone now but I don't know whether that is because I have cleaned it away or because I have had the doors and windows open nearly all weekend.  Time will tell.

And that is about it for this week, enjoy the weather everyone!

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