Sunday, 14 July 2013

Sunday Night Mash Up

It has been a bit of a mixed week this week.

This week I have hit 3000 views of my blog AND I have my first GFC follower!  Hello to you!

Thursday evening I had my review with the GP, for some reason I was convinced that she was going to stop my tablets, in fact she actually DOUBLED my dosage, I am now taking 100mg tablets every day.  Apparently I should be much further along by now than I am.  I have also been given some stronger Vitamin D tablets too.

Saturday I went to Kingsbury Water Park with Mum and Bess, we went early before it got too warm.

Today I went for a meal to celebrate a 60th Wedding Anniversary, the meal was lovely, but the service was just so slow, it wasn't even that busy with over half the restaurant empty.

There is nothing much happening next week, up to now anyway!

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