Friday, 24 October 2014

Payout for child fathered by deep cover PC.

It has been on the news the last couple of days that a woman 'Jacqui' has been awarded nearly half a million pounds in compensation for having a baby with a deep undercover Police Officer.

Apparently he was part of team created to infiltrate protest groups back in the mid 80s and she was one of the activists under investigation.

According to the BBC report, fellow former SDS officer Peter Francis told Radio 4's Today programme that sex was "used by almost everybody who was serving in that unit".

He added that undercover officers were "expected, not ordered" to "engage in relationships" and that while there was no policy on becoming involved in sexual relations, there was "no policy saying that you couldn't either".

Now I have read the report a few times and can see no mention of a gun being held to Jacqui's head forcing her to have sex.

There is no mention of her having a gun held to head forcing her to keep the child.

The sex was obviously consensual.

To all intents and purposes, Jacqui had a relationship with a man, didn't marry him but had his child and he then disappeared.  Unfortunately, this is not an unusual occurrence.

So why is this pay out of taxpayers' money justified?


  1. That is crazy....He should pay child maintenance or whatever it's called and that's it! Why would she even try to claim any money like that...Jeez!

  2. Interesting, your take on it. It made me feel sick. I think the money she got is tiny compared to what happened to her. He was spying on her. While lying and fathering a child, that poor kid! What will she tell him? Any man that lies this badly is a horrendous cad but doing it while being paid by the state, supposedly on state business, the state should pay! And he should be punished! And what of his actual wife and family? Did they think it was ok?