Saturday, 11 October 2014

Who do you see when you watch a film?

I am watching The World Is Not Enough in which Remmington Steel plays James Bond, Jean Pargetter plays M, and Basil Fawlty plays the future head of Research and Development (R).

And I was wondering, when you watch a programme or film, are you immediately immersed in the plot and the characters, or do you think 'oh, that's so and so from such and such show/film'?

If you watched The Bill, did you see Tucker Jenkins, Mark Fowler, or did you forget all of those and just see Gabriel Kent?

Do you see a director credit of Susan Tully and think, wow she is really good, or did you think 'Michelle...' or even Suzanne Ross?

Did you watch Star Wars and shout out 'Mr Bronson'?

Does everything you watch seem to link back to Grange Hill, generally via Albert Square?

Do you see Gwyneth Powell and shout 'Mrs McCluskey', or Michael Cronin as 'Bullet Baxter'?

Or is it just me?

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