Friday, 13 September 2013

A Not So Grand Day Out or How A Full Day Can Still Be Boring. Pt 1

A few Saturdays ago saw our long and carefully planned day trip to the seaside (for carefully planned, read Dad had been reading his map and asking what food we would be taking for over a week).

I arrived at Mum and Dad's just before 7.30 and took Bess for a walk around the block, she had already been out but I just knew it would be easier to load up the car whilst she was out of the way.  When we got back to the house I took her lead off and she raced out into the back garden, as she always does.  A few minutes later we realised that we could not see her.  I went out and the garage doors were wide open.  She had got out!

I couldn't see her in the entry and started calling her, I then heard the jingle jingle of her collar and tags and she appeared out of someone's back garden looking extremely pleased with herself.

Eventually we all made it into the car and set off.

About two and a half hours later we were nearly at Market Rasen and found a fab, and busy, roadside takeaway selling pretty much anything you could want to eat (as long as it was fried).  It was called the Green Box, I didn't think to get a picture at the time and I have been unable to find one, but it was fantastic.  We all had bacon batches and coffee in massive cups, could well have been a pint of liquid in them.

Another hour or so and we arrived at our destination - the beach at Sutton-On-Sea.  Admittedly it is a very nice beach, but that is all it is.  A beach with a parking area.

After taking Bess for a trot along the sand and back, and a coffee and a cake we sat down.  And there we stayed.  Thank goodness for my kindle.

Parked next to us was a motorhome belonging to a kite surfer.  Bess watched him inflate his kite with great interest and then insisted on barking at it once it was up in the air.  He went out with a small board and flipped about a bit, and then came in and changed it for a full sized board.  Within minutes, the kite was dead in the water, the board was just floating and we could not see the man anywhere, but as his partner did not seem concerned we weren't.

We watched as the kite floated further and further away along the beach, still no sign of the boarder.  Dad had been watching through his binoculars and couldn't see him.  A man rode up on his bike and asked Dad if he could see him and then said he would ride up to the end of the parking area.  Dad decided to walk up, Bess went too, to see what was going on.

They all came back to announce that he was out of the water.  About 30 minutes later he walked back with his partner, carrying all his kit with him.  He said the wind just died, but something must have happened as he went back into his motorhome and didn't come back out until just before we left.

After Dad and Bess had gone, I looked at Mum and said 'Is this is?  Is this all we are going to be doing, just sitting here or walking the dog up and down the beach?'.  She nodded sadly, and said 'Yes, it is'.

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