Sunday, 1 September 2013

Sunday Night Mash Up

It has been a four day week but has felt just as long as a normal five day week.

I spent the Bank Holiday sat in front of my laptop, entering competitions and reading blogs.

Yesterday we had a day out to the seaside at Sutton-On-Sea, I was going to include a few lines about it here but frankly, it warrants its own post.

By the time I got home I felt really drained and ended up having a drink and going to bed.  I even forgot to take my tablets and have felt unsettled and jittery all day today, picking things up and putting them down again, not being able to complete whatever I am doing without wandering off and doing something else.

Next weekend sees the start of my next run of courses and my first night in a hotel in Birmingham.  I might even review the hotel!

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