Sunday, 8 September 2013

Sunday Night Mash Up

This weekend was the start of my ACCA courses for this sitting.  I am studying in Birmingham, and this weekend also saw the celebrations for the opening of the new library (which just happens to be next to the building in which I am studying) and also 10 years since the new Bullring opened.  Birmingham was chaos.

While I was waiting for the train to Birmingham I noticed this sign 

Unfortunately it is not very clear on here, but according to the sign there are toilets available on platform 5.  We don't have a platform 5 and as far as I am aware we never have.

The train arrived on time and was pretty much empty, but for some reason it was travelling really slow.  Then is stopped altogether.  Apparently there was a complete loss of power to the overhead lines in the Stechford area.

I eventually made it to New Street station and after a quick trip into Tesco to get lunch I headed up to Baskerville House where my courses are held.

I really enjoyed Saturday's course - Performance Management - which, so far, is basically costing, a subject I had enjoyed at AAT.  Today's course - Corporate and Business Law - was so boring, I am sure I nodded off for a minute or two this afternoon, I certainly don't feel as though I have learned anything.  Next weekend is just Performance Management.

After we were released, I checked in to my home for the night, the Lionel Street Hotel.  Fab room, just really warm!

I went for a walk round the city centre, but it was far too busy, I really don't like crowds.  But I was torn, I didn't want to struggle through the crowds anymore, but neither did I want to go back to the hotel.  But after spending far too much money at Next I decided I had better go back to the hotel, so I grabbed a meal deal and a bottle of Lambrini (I know how to live!) and headed back.

I had also treated myself to some little things from Muji but I can't find them so must have left them in the hotel.

So now I am home and getting ready for work tomorrow.  Shall I wear some of my new clothes?

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