Friday, 6 December 2013

A Not So Grand Day Out or How A Full Day Can Still Be Boring. Pt 2

When Dad returned with Bess we had our lunch but I think that Dad was beginning to realise how fed up Mum and I were so we packed up the car and headed off into Mablethorpe.

I loved Mablethorpe and have spent many a happy day there when I was younger, on the beach or wandering around the 'sell everything' stores so typical of the English seaside town, or in the little arcades trying to win something on the penny-falls machines.

But as we walked into the town I could have cried.  The Mablethorpe of my youth was no more.  The little town was now a mass of huge arcades and factory outlet shops.  Even the people walking round were different and seem to have changed to suit the new facilities, I will leave it to your imagination to work out what I mean.

We walked up onto the Prom and along the sea front.  Bess decided to have a wee right in the middle of the pavement, but frankly, it did not seem out of place.

There had been some attempts to brighten up the front, several brightly coloured changing huts had been erected.

We made it to the Queen's Park end of the Prom and had a coffee at the cafe there.  It felt much nicer at that end of the town.

We then set off home, stopping on the way to have another sandwich and a drink.  It was a very long day, and one that I will not be repeating!

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