Friday, 27 December 2013

Well it wasn't the day out that we planned!

I had booked today off work, I really couldn't face the journey which is an hour+ each way on the bus, so we (me, Mum, Dad and the dog) decided to go to Batsford Arboretum for the day.  Bess likes it at Batsford as she always gets lots of fuss from the staff as she walks through the garden centre.

We packed a bag with some sandwiches, turkey naturally, and filled a couple of flasks and off we went.  I had checked the website and twitter feed and there was no mention of the arboretum being closed, in fact the twitter feed was encouraging people to visit to walk off the Christmas calories.

We arrived shortly after 10am (it takes about an hour to get there from here) and just as we arrived the heavens opened! The rain was so heavy we couldn't even see out of the car windows so we had a cuppa whilst we waited for it to clear.

Eventually the skies cleared and we were able to get out of the car.  You have to enter the Arboretum through the garden centre and cafe (surprise), we walked through the building to find a notice advising that the Arboretum was closed due to the weather (bearing in mind that at 10am, the centre had tweeted that they were open and to come down).  

So back we went to the car.

We then headed off to Broadway Tower, and boy, was it windy there!  We had a little walk round, it was really too windy to be out too long.  

We had an early lunch and then set off again, this time to Evesham Country Park.

I may have bought myself a pair of boots costing £75 there.  I also bought some Irish Coffee glasses.

We headed back home via Hilltop Garden Centre.  As we were leaving, the skies had gone really dark and there was a terrific rumble of thunder.  I hurried back to the car in case Bess was scared to find her totally oblivious and snoring her head off.

By the time Dad got back to the car, it had started hailing, REALLY hailing, within minutes it was laying on the ground almost an inch thick.

The hail soon turned to sleet and then just to rain, by the time we eventually got home it had stopped.

So despite the day not panning out as we had planned, it was quite an exciting day!

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