Friday, 14 March 2014

Things that get right on my pip!

For various reasons I have been feeling very angry lately, I decided to write down what was causing this anger and the list just kept growing.  Here is some of it.

  • People who don't indicate.  After being car less for over 10 years I have finally been able to afford a car, in the time I have been a bus/coach/train user, driving standards do not seem to have approved.
  • People who can't park.  I am not the best parallel parker (it wasn't a testable skill back when I passed my test) so try to avoid doing so as much as possible, but at least I can put my car in the middle of two white lines in a car park.
  • People who cycle on the pavement.  If you are not confident enough to cycle on the road, walk!  I especially get angry with cyclists on the pavement who expect the pedestrian to get out of THEIR way.
  • People who put themselves into unflattering situations in public places, then create uproar when they have it pointed out to them.
  • People who think that rules and the law do not apply to them.
  • People who refuse to put even their sidelights on during bad weather.
  • People who insist on having their foglights on in sunny clear weather.
  • People who, although they have probably never left the British Isles, insist on speaking in some sort of hard to understand patois or Pidgin English.  Innit.
  • People who eat with their mouths open, talk with their mouths full and slap their chops when eating.
  • People whose first thought is 'compensation' when anything happens that they don't like.
  • We now have to call Road Traffic Accidents (RTA) Road Traffic Incidents (RTI), because Accident implies that it was no-one's fault and as we all know, everything has to be someone's fault otherwise who do we claim compensation from.
  • Toilet Roll Dispensers that give out one sheet at a time.  What is the point?  If it is to save money then it is a total fail as I deliberately take more than I need  just to make a point!
I am now going for a stiff drink!

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