Thursday, 15 May 2014

Is there an approved winners list?

I think there is, it certainly seems that way.

I enter a lot of competitions, I don't enter every one I find as I only enter ones that are relevant.  There is no point in trying to win Afternoon Tea for 2 at xxxxx venue in London, as (1) there is only one of me, and (2) by the time I have paid for a return ticket to London I have probably paid out more than the prize is worth.

Similarly, there is no point in me trying to win a Spa Day for 2, or a catered night in for upto 8 friends.  Up until recently I didn't enter any baby competitions, I do now as my boss is pregnant (she does do my annual appraisals after all).

I know there are people who enter every single competition they find, and that possibly goes some way to explain why they are more successful but I don't see the point.

I see the same names come up over and over again, and it does feel as though you have to be a member of a club, or as the title of this page suggests, if your name is not on the list, tough!  

There was a period of a fair few months, when if there was a twitter retweet competition to win a dress I would know EXACTLY who was going to win, and 9 times of 10 they would.  I currently follow someone on twitter, because if I know that they have entered a competition, then there is no point anyone else entering.

I see regular posts by fellow bloggers detailing their wins that month and as much as I try to stay positive I can't.

A month ago I booked a holiday, I wasn't going to go away this year as I have just saved up and bought a car but I gave in to a really good offer.  The accommodation, flight, transfers and insurance is paid for, but I could do with a few new bits to take and some spending money, and I was determined that I was going to win at least something towards that, I know keeping positive is key.

To date, I have won absolutely nothing and my positivity is waning.

I need a boost.


  1. I've had a four wins over the last few months....A laptop, a dvd, a fancy kettle and a set of body sprays...I sometimes wonder why I keep entering comps but you have to be in it to win it!
    Good luck! It's sods law....Now you've blogged about it you'll start winning everything....hehehe x

  2. Well done you! :) I hope I win something, usually if I have a bit of a gripe on twitter I win something little, so fingers crossed xx