Saturday, 6 September 2014

The one with the ghosthunt.

I have always been interested in ghosts, even at a very young age.  

A few years ago I took part in a ghost hunt.  It was supposed to be the first of many as we were trying to get a ghosthunting group off the ground, but for various reasons, there was never a second investigation!

Our inaugural, and only, investigation took place at Quorn Churchyard.  It wasn't as quiet or dark as it could have been as the churchyard is a shortcut to the pub next door!

At one point I got fed up with the theatrics of some of the group and wandered off, sorry, I meant to say that at one point I went off to do a solo vigil.  On my return I was met by the group rushing towards me telling me that a man in a black suit and hat was following me but that he disappeared as the group neared me.

This led to a flurry of questions.  Did I know he was there?  Had I felt anything following me?  Had I been communicated with?  The answer to all three questions was no.

I did get a few photos which show what appear to be orbs.

I have also taken part in a ghost hunt at Tutbury Castle with the lovely Lesley Smith and would love to make a return visit.

I am also hoping that a group will hold a ghost hunt around Coventry as the city centre is supposed to be quite active.

Has anyone else been on any ghosthunts?

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