Friday, 4 October 2013

Credit where credit is due.

A few weeks ago I was quick to write about how much a hotel had changed, for the worse, since its new owners took control of it.

Well I am pleased to report that on my last visit, things have been much improved.

There was no queue at reception, no-one having problems with their bookings.  I didn't even have to leave a deposit like I had previously, whether this was a change in policy or because I hadn't trashed the room on the previous visit I don't know.

I had a corner room on the 4th floor, it was wheelchair accessible and huge!  There was even a wet room in place of the usual shower room.

The theme of the 4th floor is obviously purple, purple carpet and walls, the 3rd floor was blue.

Breakfast was great too, with a new coffee machine that made excellent lattes.

I have two more weekends booked at the hotel, I am not dreading them anymore.

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