Friday, 18 October 2013

Maybe I have answered a few questions.

I have been watching Inside Broadmoor on channel 5 and it has been very interesting, if a little repetitive.  Chemical Castration, or as it is referred to in the UK Anti-Libidinous Medication, and the drugs used were discussed which prompted me to do a little more research into the medications I take.

I discovered a powerpoint presentation by Dr Karen Harrison of the University of Hull in which she describes the drugs used and the effects and side effects, I have included some of the slides here.

A lot of the side effects will obviously have no effect on me as I am female, but the study seems to focus on males.

I have been taking Depo Provera for a few years now, not, I hasten to add, as a chemical castration.  In the UK, Depo is primarily used as a contraceptive in that it fools the body into thinking it is pregnant therefore preventing the release of an egg and all the associated changes.  Having had problems with my periods since the age of 19 I was grateful for anything that would stop my periods.  I had lost weight, I had had an ovary removed but nothing else helped, this injection did.

I am also taking 100mg of Sertraline a day for my depression.

I am wondering if these medications, although I have only started taking the Sertraline within the past 6 months, are why I didn't find any enjoyment in sex, and why I have no interest in finding a partner.  But as the advantages far outweighed the disadvantages when I started taking these meds, I am reluctant to stop them.  I know I would need to reduce the Sertraline under the direction of the doctor and I think it is too soon for that, but the Depo I could just stop.

I really do not know what to do.

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