Friday, 21 February 2014

I have a car!

I have been without a car for many years now, two redundancies and residual debt saw to that.  But I had a promotion and payrise last July and have been saving ever since and I have finally saved enough to buy a decent second (third?) hand car.

I tried a few dealers that were local, by which I mean easy to get to on foot or by bus and hadn't seen anything that really grabbed me.  Some of the dealers I walked into, turned around and came straight out again as they just felt 'wrong' for want of a better word.  I have had feelings like this before, generally hotels and bars and have just had to walk away.

Last Saturday, Dad drove me over to Michael Kiernan Cars in Anstey, Mum came too but 'just for the ride, she would wait in the car'.  And as we drove in, it just felt 'right', it wasn't a new place (they have been in business since 1973) and the cars weren't sorted into any particular order, but it felt welcoming.  We were greeted but left to wander around, which we did, all going in different directions (Mum had decided that she would have a look round too).  

I was immediately drawn to a car right in the middle, it was a mucky looking Fiat Punto.  I went and found a salesman who fetched the keys.  He talked to us about the car briefly and then left us to it.  We all checked various things on the car, Dad went for the engine, Mum for the boot, I checked everywhere else.

I made an offer and it was accepted.

I arranged to collect the car this weekend.  By the time I collected it, it had been MOT'd, cleaned and few issues sorted.  I was also given a 3 month warranty.

It is a fantastic little mover and I do feel I have got a bargain.

I will definitely be going back when it is time upgrade.

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