Friday, 7 February 2014

Term Time Holidays

When I was growing up, if we couldn't afford to go away in the 'Coventry Fortnight' as it was known (this was the two weeks that the factories shut down) we didn't go away.

Taking me out of school was never even considered, admittedly this was partly due to Dad not being able to pick and choose his holidays as back then factory workers took them as dictated by their employers.  Mum worked in a more flexible workplace.

If we didn't go away, then days were spent in the garden, at the park or at the allotment.  We would also go fishing and for picnics.  Before we were in a position to be able to own our own car, Dad would borrow a car and we would drive to the seaside just for the day.

I enjoyed going on holiday but I didn't really miss it when we couldn't afford to go.  We saw, and still see, a holiday as a luxury or a privilege, not as a right or a necessity as it seems to be considered today.

Like I have said before, these days, everything seems to be 'me, me, me' and never mind the rules or the consequences.

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