Sunday, 16 February 2014

Sunday Night Mash Up

This week the weather has been bad.  Even in the protected area that is Coventry we saw damage, nothing in comparison with other areas, but normally bad weather just goes around us.  Fence panels down, trees down, roof tiles blown off and smashed, roads closed due to flooding.  We never see this.

Other than the weather, it has been a quiet week.

I did collect my car yesterday, I love it!  It might be old and bit bashed about, but it is mine.  I can get about now on a whim, I no longer have to rely on buses and trains.  My commute to work has been cut from 90 minutes to about 20.  What I was paying for my monthly bus pass is covering my insurance (which is pretty steep) and my car park pass with some to spare.

It does feel like a new start.

The week ahead is going to be quiet at work, as it is half term a lot of people are off.  I am in this week but off next, looking forward to that so much now that I have my car.

The dog and I went to Kingsbury Water Park today.  It was a bit wet and even more muddy, I nearly lost my wellies a few times.  Bess decided that she had to walk through every puddle she came across, some came halfway up her chest but she seemed happy enough.  I did make her sit on a towel on the way home.

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