Friday, 28 February 2014

Prolonged Arousal - it is not funny!

Time for another very personal post.

Recently I have been suffering from prolonged arousal, and like the title says, it really isn't funny.  It is crippling.

The medical term is Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder (PGAD) and is discussed from a professional point of view here.

It is impossible to do anything.  Imagine trying to do all your daily tasks, cooking, cleaning, driving, conducting meetings at work, whilst being constantly pleasured.  But without the pleasure.  The feelings even wake me up and prevent me going back to sleep.

Regular readers will know about my sex life, I was late in losing my virginity, have only slept with one man, and that was a less than inspiring event and, except for one time in Spain when the neighbours were not being quiet, I have had absolutely no interest in sex since.  I even threw away all my sex toys as they were just gathering dust in the bottom drawer of my bedside cabinet.

As I said above, it is not a pleasurable feeling.  I don't know why it happens, I don't have sexy dreams, I am not a sexual person.  

There is nothing that I have tried so far that has resolved it, I just have to grit my teeth for the hours that it continues.  It is somewhat alleviated by standing, but I can't stand all night, I can't stand during meetings, I can't stand whilst I am driving.

There is no sense of release when the feeling eventually fades away, just relief that it is over for now, but a dread that it is going to return sooner rather than later.

Cold showers haven't helped, neither have cold baths or cold flannels.  I have tried anti-inflammatory tablets which have not worked.  Anti-Depressants have been cited as reducing the problem so as hard as I have worked to get myself off my meds I have started taking them again to see if it does help.

I have been awake now for just under 3 hours and the feelings are just dispersing so today's bout was relatively brief.  Thank goodness.

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