Sunday, 2 February 2014

Sunday Night Mash Up

I am trying to think if anything has happened this week and nothing springs to mind!

We had a bit of snow on Thursday but not enough to settle even though it was coming down on and off for most of the day.

Friday I had my first ever trip to Aldi,  in this country anyway I tend to shop in Aldis when I go abroad but the stores in Europe seem so much different to those in this country.  I picked up a few bits but I am not convinced that I could do a full shop there not least because it is so far from home.  Maybe i should buy a shopping trolley.

Dad went away for the weekend, much to the dog's disgust.  Mum fed her, brushed her, played with her and talked to her, as she does every day whether Dad is here or not, and I called in to walk her every day.  When Dad got home earlier today, anyone would think that she had been shut in the house all by herself since Friday lunchtime!  She was crying, squeaking, nearly wagging her tail off and trying to climb on Dad's lap.  She is such a drama queen.

ACCA exam results week has FINALLY arrived, they are due out next Saturday, it seems so long since I sat them.

Fingers crossed.

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