Monday, 15 December 2014

Another Christmas as a single woman.

Every year I say that 'this is going to be last Christmas and New Year as a single woman', and every year it isn't.

I watch everyone worrying about what to buy partners, children, the world and I wonder why people seem to make such a big thing about this time of year, why do they get into debt to buy presents, why the panic about not being able to get cranberry sauce?

Would I be like that if I wasn't single?

I'm guessing I will never find out as I am never going to be anything but single.

I leave the house for work, college and holidays and that is it.  Thanks to my medication, going to work and college is no longer an issue, leaving the house to go on holiday is still a struggle.

And when I do get out, I always holiday in the same place, and much as I love my time there, (if I get there, I have booked hotels and not used them) I know everyone, and I am never going to meet anyone.

I have tried online dating, it wasn't successful.  Although that is probably a good thing as I would have had to force myself to leave the house to meet up.

I do get annoyed when I hear people complaining about being single for weeks or months.  Try 43 years!

Whilst I was looking for a suitable illustration for this post, I came across this item from The Mirror, it's a Christmas survival guide for singles. 

  1. More money to spend on yourself - yep, bought myself a new duvet and pillows, boots and smellies.
  2. Don't be the only single person at the party - what's a party?
  3. Go for a winter escape - I was intending to, but outside forces (I shan't say what) put paid to that idea.
  4. Fill your time - I'm working most of Christmas and have no-one local to meet up with anyway.
  5. Catch up with family - I see Mum and Dad every day, I have no brothers and sisters.
Bah Humbug!


  1. To be fair, I still do most of one to five just in a couple.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  2. Never say never, I didn't meet my husband (now together 26 years) until he was 39. But even if you stay single, so what? be happy being you - you can be copmfortable in your own skin, watch your own movie choices, do your own thing...all the things couples dream of doing when they get a night alone! The grass is always greener etc!