Saturday, 30 March 2013

Haircut Day!

Today I had the hair appointment that I thought I had booked for last Saturday.  I go to Enigma on Spon Street and they are wonderful.  The only complaint is that their lighting makes my grey hair light up like a halo, but I guess that that would be an issue anywhere.

As always I was really pleased with my haircut, but as always, within 2 minutes of leaving the salon the wind and the weather had whipped my hair back into its usual mess, so sorry, no photos.

For those who do not know, Spon Street is a gorgeous street full of listed Medieval buildings somewhat ruined by the abundance of takeaways, kebab shops and out of place modernisations. On the corner of the street is the 14th Century Church of St John the Baptist where Civil War prisoners were held, the phrase 'sent to Coventry' originated in the hostile reception the prisoners received, or at least that is the story.

The start of Spon Street

The Church of St John the Baptist

If you stand with your back to the church you have the delights of the first inner city Ikea, a huge New Look and the empty TJ Hughes shop.  

I don't like going into town and I don't like shopping so when I have to go I do like to make it count.  I went in armed with a long list, some general things and also the final bits for the first two fancy dress events, I also had to renew my ridiculously expensive bus pass.

I did eventually get everything on my list and also found time for cake and coffee in Costa Coffee, had I been in Birmingham or Leamington I would have gone to Druckers but the Coventry Druckers is so uninviting I am surprised it is still operating.

I was going to treat myself to something but once I tallied up the amount I had spent on stuff that I needed, there was nothing left for anything that I would have liked.

By the time I got home I was absolutely drained and have spent most of the afternoon asleep.  I was going to dye my hair tonight but that can wait till tomorrow now.

I have a bottle of wine and chocolate cake for tonight, Doctor Who is on the telly, although I can't get involved over Matt Smith the way I did with David Tennant and I would have to say that overall, today has been a good day. 

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