Saturday, 23 March 2013

I am dieting. Again.

The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed I have a new widget.  It is just down there, on the right.  It is currently informing everyone that I have lost zero pounds.

A couple of years ago I lost 35lbs with the help of WeightWatchers Online, although I had tried, and failed, WeightWatchers several times previously this time it really clicked and just seemed so easy.  I then changed jobs and had access to vending machines and a cafe, we also used to order breakfasts in most mornings.  Very often we would go to the pub on a Friday lunchtime.  Needless to say I put 14lbs back on within weeks and since then have slowly put on another 7lbs, give or take.

I tried getting back into WeightWatchers but just couldn't do it, I tried attending meetings but being of a contrary nature these meetings just made me see how much I could eat without putting weight on, this wasn't done deliberately, but that is how my mind works.

I then tried Slimming World, wasn't entirely convinced about this as having followed WW for so long I couldn't get my head round eating potatoes and not having to count points.  I lost 4lbs in the first week, I think that was body just going into shock,  I could almost see the shock on my stomach's face as the first potato hit it!  I attended for 2 months and did not lose even half a stone.

I bought an exercise DVD (detailed in a previous post) that promised a decent loss with just 20 minutes per day.  I thought I would be able to do 20 minutes every day, but I got bored so the DVD is gathering dust under the telly along with the mat and weights I bought to go with it.

I have now invested in a SlimPod, mp3s of 10 minutes duration, which, I am assured, will make me change the way I feel about food and myself.  I have gone for a double pack, which gives better value for money, containing Drop 2 Jeans Sizes (there was another entitled Drop 2 Dress Sizes but as I don't wear dresses but live in jeans I felt I could relate to this one better) and Make Fitness Fun.  I will also receive daily motivational emails.

I will chart my weightloss in the aforementioned widget, and update as I go along in my blog. Maybe this time it will work.

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