Sunday, 31 March 2013

Today I dyed my hair.

I was going to put a brief mention of my hair dye experience in my usual Sunday Mash Up, but I think it warrants its own entry.

A couple of months ago I won a box of hair dye (other people win holidays, cars and money, I win hair dye and inflatable strawberries) but I have waited until now to try it.

It is an Olia hair dye by Garnier, this isn't the colour I tried but unfortunately I did not take any photos as I had not intended to do a full review.

The box also contains black plastics gloves which for some reason made me feel really naughty!

Normally with a home hair dye, the developer is already in the applicator, you just need to add the colour gel or creme (depending on the brand).  With Olia the teardrop shaped bottle is empty and you have to add both the developer and the colour.  It is recommended that you push the bottle into the back of the empty box to steady it, there is a perforated circle which you push in.  It is quite hard to push through though and I had to take my gloves off to get any purchase, even then the box ripped completely ignoring the perforations.

And if you push the bottle too far in you can't get it back out again.

I had a dark brown dye and the colour creme was a peachy orange colour.  I added both tubes to the bottle, screwed the lid on and shook for the recommended minute by which time the mixture was almost white.  As soon as I snapped the end off the applicator nozzle, the mixture started oozing out and down the side of the bottle.  I quickly started to apply to my grey hair (the instructions suggest that if you have 'many greys' to cover them first), I wasn't having to squeeze the bottle as the mixture was still coming out by itself.

The mixture seemed very thin and wet but turned sticky as I massaged it into my hair to ensure it was all covered, I am notoriously bad at covering my hair completely, I generally end up with a very noticeable patch that hasn't been dyed.  Normally by the time I have applied all the mixture to my hair, my ears, the bath and the bathroom walls it has started to change colour, this dye was still the pale colour that it had been in the bottle.

The dye had to stay on my hair for 30 minutes.

When the time was up I went back to the bathroom.  The dye on my hair had turned a dark shade of brown.    The instructions said to rinse until the water runs clear, now this is something I have wanted to say ever since I started dyeing my hair - it should say clear and colourless.  As my science teacher used to say, a liquid does not need to be clear to be colourless, lager is clear but certainly not colourless.  But when I started to rinse the dye out of my hair I had a bit of a shock, instead of a coloured, but clear, fluid streaming off the ends of my hair it looked like milky coffee!  It did, however, wash out very quickly.

I applied the gorgeous smelling conditioner, waited and rinsed, it is a huge tube of conditioner so will last me for a while.

I did spot a small blob of the hair dye on the bathroom floor, it was still the very pale colour that it had been on application so obviously it is a reaction with something in your hair that causes the dye to change colour rather than the air.  After I had wiped up the blob of dye I discovered that the floor that I clean on a regular basis is not actually that clean, as there is a perfectly round area, about the size of a ten pence, where the chemical in the dye has left the wood 3 shades lighter than the surrounding floor!

I will use this dye again, but I can't say that it would be the first one I would go for in the shop, but is certainly not one that I would avoid.

Oh and the undyed patch this time is above my left ear.

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