Sunday, 11 August 2013

Sunday Night Mash Up

Evening All!

I didn't do my normal round up last Sunday as I wasn't in a good place and I didn't really have anything to say.

This week on Thursday I received my exam results, I was sent a text at midnight.  Yes midnight.  After making me wait over two months I am sure that another few hours would have mattered.  I had passed my Tax exam but failed my Audit one, so have already booked and paid for my resit, unfortunately I cannot resit it until December which is when I will be sitting my next two exams.

On Thursday I also had my review with my doctor.  She is pleased with my progress now that she has doubled my medication. She has also given me a prescription for daily Vitamin D tablets that I will have to take once the super strength ones I take have finished.  Slightly scary was the way the screen flashed up red with a 'Severe Depression' warning when she issued my double dosage anti-depressants.

Thursday again.  I wasn't able to play bowls this week due to my appointment with the doctor, but apparently it all kicked off. The rules governing what you can and can't wear to play are a lot more relaxed in the league we play in, or so we thought.  Up until now, as long you are decent and are wearing flat shoes anything goes so during the hot weather it has been mostly long shorts, tshirts and flip flops.  The team we played Thursday, who we have already played once admittedly when we were all wearing about five layers, decided that two of our players (one an 8 year old) were not dressed suitably.  After a somewhat heated discussion the game did not go ahead.  And I missed it all!.

Thursday evening, yes Thursday again, I developed a cold sore, over the course of the last couple of days it has spread pretty much across the whole of my top lip, and boy, does it hurt.

You may have noticed a new tab at the top of my page, I have started another blog.  Well less of a blog, more of a collection of Urban Legend stories and their variations.  I have always been fascinated by these sorts of things and I used to be an avid reader of The Fortean Times until they changed the format of the magazine a few years back.  Radio 4 Extra are currently running a series of Fortean type stories with the Rev Lionel Fanthorpe, and listening to those has brought it all back into the forefront of my mind.  I may keep this new blog going, or I may not, it depends on the reception it gets.

Not sure what is going to happen this week, hopefully if it is exciting I won't miss it this time.

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