Friday, 23 August 2013

Ten Day You Challenge - Two Songs

Two Songs

1.  Don't Stop Me Now - Queen.  This song is guaranteed to get me up, dancing (badly) and singing (even more badly).  If I ever get round to having a party, for any reason, this will be played.  Loud.  It has the power to wake me up, it has the power to cheer me up.  It is probably my favourite Queen track.

2.  Someone Like You - Adele.  I couldn't decide which other song that I love to include here so I have gone for the song that I hate the most!  I am not a fan of dirges anyway but this is dire.  I have stopped listening to radio stations simply because they insist on playing it.  If it does come on the radio I have to switch off.  If it is on in the office I will choose that time to go to the toilet.  The song just makes me want to smash things.  At the risk of offending people even more than I probably already have, this would be the song that would tip me over the edge and send me on a killing spree.  You can tell how much it affects me as I have written twice as much about this as I have about my favourite song.

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