Sunday, 18 August 2013

Sunday Night Mash Up

It has been another very quiet week with nothing much going on, on the other hand, nothing has kicked off this week so there has been nothing for me to miss.

I did see a car for sale that I was quite interested in, fortunately the garage was shut at the time so I couldn't get carried away and sign my life away, I think I need to save a bit more yet.  I did check out the insurance prices though and that left me a bit confused.  Third Party, Fire and Theft has traditionally been much cheaper than Comprehensive, after all, it is covering you for less, but my quote for Comprehensive was nearly £400 cheaper than TPFT.  I know I have been out of the insurance game for a while now but have things really changed that much?

The paperwork for my next block of ACCA tuition has been sent off.  This time I have booked hotels for my weekend study. Getting to Birmingham and back is little problem in the week or even on a Saturday, but Sunday is a different matter altogether with trains starting too late.  I was fooling myself when I looked to see if I could find a hotel with a pool but in the end settled for a Holiday Inn, so if anyone will be in Birmingham on any of these weekends and fancies meeting up, let me know.

Took Bess to the park again this morning, as the water was clear I let her go in.  The first time she got scared by some ducks (vicious dog breed that she is supposed to be) and hurried out of the water as fast as her little legs would let her, the second time I slipped and nearly went in with her.

And that really has been it for this week.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!

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