Friday, 2 August 2013

Ten Day You Challenge - Five Foods

Five Foods

1.  Patatas Bravas.  I love these and have them at least two or three times when I am in Spain.  I have tried making them myself, but they just do not taste the same.

2.  Chocolate and Churros.  Again, something I have in Spain, particularly good very early in the morning, not been able to find an equivalent to have at home.

3.  Strawberry Gateau.  Guess where this is from (and no, it is not Dagobah).

4.  Fresh home made bread.  I had to stop baking bread as I would just eat almost the whole loaf straight from the oven.

5.  Hummus.  I had to stop eating hummus as I developed a sensitivity to it, or at least one or more of the ingredients, I have it now and again, but only in very small quantities.

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