Sunday, 25 August 2013

Sunday Night Mash Up

Well this week has been very busy at work, out of a department of 8, 1 was off sick, 2 on holiday, 1 on secondment and 1 post is vacant.  It has been an education to say the least.

I recently started using Lee Stafford hair growth treatment, it is supposed to make hair grow longer and faster.  I was not expecting this to happen, after all hair grows at a rate and that is it.  But, my hair does feel thicker, it is definitely softer and the grey hair, of which there is a fair bit, no longer feels like wire, consequently it seems to blend in more and is less obvious. It's not cheap at £7.99 a pot, but currently at Boots it is on offer at 3 for £12.  I bought 6.

Nothing much else has happened this week.  We took Bess the dog to Kingsbury Water Park again today, no duck incidents this week, nor did I nearly end up in the water myself at any point.  But why do dogs have to poo in the long grass?  It makes it so hard to clean up after them?  And why do they always go at the furthest point from the poo bin?  I had to smile today when I disposed of the offering, there was a big sign on the bin declaring that 'there is not a dog poo fairy', I know there isn't, in the same way that there is not a laundry pixie or a housework elf.

I saw 'my car' again on Thursday, I am still saving for the deposit and thanks to William Hill, I have another £150 to add to the pot!  Yeay!  Although knowing my luck, as soon as I have the deposit the car will be sold.  The monthly repayments will not be a problem as they are less than my bus pass costs.

So now I have a question to ask.  I don't know whether to call it a strange, weird, perverted or downright disgusting question, I have written and deleted this about 20 times now, but here goes.  Has anyone ever felt like they have orgasmed after having a bowel movement?  The whole wobbly legs, wide eyed, WOAH feeling?  Is this weird? Am I as odd as I feel?

Ok then.....

Just a 4 day week to look forward to, and next Saturday we are all (me, Mum, Dad and Bess) off to the seaside.  Hopefully it will be a nice day.

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